City Council

Fayette approves pay adjustment for city court magistrate

Pictured socially-distancing at the Jan. 12 Fayette City Council meeting, from left: Fayette Mayor Rod Northam, City Councilman Tommy Williams, City Councilwoman Virettia Whiteside and Councilman Eddy Campbell.

The Fayette City Council approved a one-time pay adjustment for City Court Magistrate Dorrie Rushing at the request of Fayette Municipal Judge Steven Nolen. All council members were present for the meeting. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, Southside Baptist Church pastor Robert Parrish led the prayer and Fayette County High School student Will Brown led the pledge. Fayette Mayor Rod Northam said that the past two years, Rushing had not received an extra $3,000 per year as she had received in previous years. He said that the $4,500 would be paid out of municipal court funds.

Fayette City Council approves alcohol permit

The Fayette City Council approved an alcohol permit for Heenak LLC, doing business as Spirit Food Mart, during its Dec. 22 meeting. All council members were present for the meeting. Miracle Bailey led those in attendance in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance prior to the beginning of the meeting. A public hearing was held to discuss the proposed alcohol license for Spirit Mart. No one in attendance spoke either for or against the proposed license. Councilman Jerry Nichols made a motion to approve a license for the business to sell beer and table wine for off-premises consumption.

Longtime Belk Councilwoman dies from COVID

Jeannie Hollingsworth

A stalwart member of the Belk community beginning her eighth term on the Belk Town Council passed away on Friday, Dec. 18 after losing her battle with the COVID-19 virus. Jeannie Hollingsworth, age 69 of Belk, had been visiting with her daughter Dana Hollingsworth in Charlottesville, Va. during Thanksgiving week when she became ill and was taken to the hospital. Dana Hollingsworth said that her mother was admitted to the hospital with “COVID-related symptoms” from which she never recovered.

Former Fayette City Councilman dies at age 90

Robert Neil McCabe

Former Fayette City Councilman, Robert Neil McCabe, passed away at his home on Saturday, Dec. 19 following a short illness at the age of 90. McCabe was first elected to the Fayette City Council in 1992, then was re-elected to a second term in 1996. He served his first term under the direction of Fayette Mayor Jerry Bobo, and his second term was served under the leadership of Mayor Wayne Meherg.

City Council presents check to FMC

The Fayette City Council presented the proceeds from the one-half cent sales tax to Fayette Medical Center at its Dec. 8 meeting. Shown from left, front: Fayette Mayor Rod Northam, FMC Administrator Donald Jones, and FMC Board of Directors: Sandy Nolen Jackie Waldon, Steve Butler and Charles Brandon. Back: Fayette City Councilman Tommy Williams, Councilwoman Aliska Hughes-Monroe, Councilman Jerry Nichols and Councilman Eddy Campbell.

The Fayette City Council made its annual appropriation to the Fayette Medical Center (FMC) Board from the one-half cent hospital sales tax during its Dec. 8 meeting. Councilwoman Virettia Whiteside was absent, with all other council members present. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, Caleb Hall led the attendees in prayer, followed by Macy Hall leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Fayette Medical Center Administrator Donald Jones was present at the meeting, along with several members of the local hospital board, to accept the check from the city council.

Fayette City Council approves appointments

The Fayette City Council approved board appointments during its November 24 meeting. Councilman Eddy Campbell was absent from the meeting, with all other council members present. At the beginning of the meeting, Wade Jackson, a fifth grade student at Fayette Middle School, led those in attendance in prayer. Eady Porter, a fourth grade student at Fayette Elementary School, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Prior to the board appointments, Mayor Rod Northam addressed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its current impact on Fayette County.


City Council sets time, place for Zoning Board meeting

Shown is the newly-seated Fayette City Council. From left: Councilman Jerry Nichols, Councilwoman Aliska Hughes-Monroe, Mayor Rod Northam, Councilman Tommy Williams, Councilman Eddy Campbell and Councilwoman Virettia Whiteside.

The Fayette City Council held its first full meeting as a new council on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Fayette City Hall. All members were present for the meeting. The meeting was opened with a prayer from guest Sean White. Will Ayers led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag. Councilman Eddy Campbell made a motion, that was seconded by Councilman Jerry Nichols, to reappoint Dawn Clapp as Fayette City Clerk. The motion was approved unanimously.


New City Council and Mayor take office

Fayette Mayor Rod Northam is shown taking the oath of office as his wife Deana Northam holds the Bible.

The new mayor and council members for the City of Fayette officially began their terms after taking their oaths of office on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, Scott Davis, pastor of Fayette First Baptist Church, led the attendees in prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by members of Scout Troop 45. Municipal Judge Steven Nolen administered the oaths, first to Rod Northam as mayor and then collectively to the city council members.


Citizen addresses council concerning mobile homes

Pictured with their framed resolutions honoring their council service are outgoing council members and mayor. From left: Mayor Ray Nelson, Councilwoman Linda McCraw and Councilman Jason Cowart. Not shown is outgoing Councilman Cedric Wilson.

Evelyn Howard addressed the Fayette City Council concerning mobile homes within the city limits during its Oct. 27 meeting. Councilman Cedric Wilson was absent from the meeting, with all other council members present. Howard said that there is a resident in her neighborhood who has expressed an intent to move a mobile home into the area. She said that the city ordinances do not allow a mobile home in her area as currently zoned.

Fayette City Council certifies Ward 1 election results

Shown is a portion of the crowd that attended the Oct. 13 Fayette City Council meeting.

The Fayette City Council certified the election runoff results in the council’s Ward 1 race and expressed its opposition to the local amendment that would add an additional three mils to the real property tax paid in the county at its Oct 13 meeting.