Glen Allen Water System outage

UPDATE 6/10: The leak has been repaired and operations have returned to normal.

ORIGINAL 6/5: The Glen Allen Water System is without water due to damage from Wednesday night's severe thunderstorms, according to the Town of Glen Allen’s Facebook post. The release states that the water storage tank is draining water faster than the pump can keep it filled and they suspect a major leak on the system caused by lightning strikes during the storms. The leak was found and the repair guy has been notified. According to the post, some valves were turned on and off and water is going to the tank. They say that customers South of the railroad should have water as the tank fills and customers North of the railroad tracks will not have water until the leak has been repaired. City officials are urging customers to conserve water as much as possible. This outage affects all water customers on the system who receive water from the Glen Allen water/well storage tank water service lines and not water services received from Winfield Water Works or Carbon Hill Utilities.

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