City Council sets time, place for Zoning Board meeting

Shown is the newly-seated Fayette City Council. From left: Councilman Jerry Nichols, Councilwoman Aliska Hughes-Monroe, Mayor Rod Northam, Councilman Tommy Williams, Councilman Eddy Campbell and Councilwoman Virettia Whiteside.

The Fayette City Council held its first full meeting as a new council on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Fayette City Hall. All members were present for the meeting. The meeting was opened with a prayer from guest Sean White. Will Ayers led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag. Councilman Eddy Campbell made a motion, that was seconded by Councilman Jerry Nichols, to reappoint Dawn Clapp as Fayette City Clerk. The motion was approved unanimously.


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