March for Jesus urges people to unite, live in unity

Pictured are some of the participants in this year’s “March for Jesus” as they proceed to the First Baptist Church. Approximately 500 people participated in this year’s march.

An estimated 500 people attended the 21st annual “March for Jesus” walk and rally held in downtown Fayette on Saturday, May 19. Marchers arrived early for the event and at 9 a.m., the march began at the Depot Museum and concluded at the parking lot adjacent to the First Baptist Church on Temple Avenue. When the marchers reached the parking lot, balloons with Bible verses attached were released in a segment of the event that is known as the “Balloon Bless.”
“I feel just like James Brown,” Organizer Milborn Savage said as the crowd filed into the church sanctuary. “I feel good, but it’s a different kind of good I feel this morning.”


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