Oswalt: ‘Tried to treat people with dignity and respect’

Shown with Probate Judge William Oswalt at his retirement reception are members of his family. Front row, from left: Deidre Smith, Hollis Strawbridge, Houston Oswalt, Whitney Oswalt, Cheryl Oswalt and Harrison Oswalt. Back row: Probate Judge William Oswalt, Nelda Oswalt, Audrey Oswalt Strawbridge and Ron Strawbridge. Not shown: Craig Smith, Dylan Smith, Savannah Smith and Langston Strawbridge.

Fayette County Probate Judge William Oswalt said that the biggest pleasure and honor in his working career has been serving the people of Fayette County for the past 30 years. He said that from day one, he entered into the office and duties as Fayette County Probate Judge determined to “treat people with respect and dignity.”


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