Town Council

Berry Town Council hires Norris as interim police chief

Pictured at the May 4 Berry Town Council meeting, from left: Berry Police Chief Gerald DeDeaux, incoming interim Police Chief Bart Norris, and Berry Mayor Jimmy Madison.

The Berry Town Council approved Bart Norris at its May 4 meeting as the interim, part-time replacement police chief for the Town of Berry during the federal deployment of Police Chief Gerald DeDeaux. All council members were present. The meeting was held at the Berry Civic Center due to the distancing requirements in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. DeDeaux will serve an overseas deployment of approximately one year, and Norris will be the acting chief during his absence. Norris previously served as police chief in Berry until his retirement in August 2012.

Glen Allen Council makes donations, cancels spring cleanup

The Glen Allen Town Council met on Tuesday, April 7 for its regular monthly meeting. Councilwoman Bobbie S. McCraw was not in attendance for the meeting. Due to statewide guidelines concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the council meeting was held in the Glen Allen Community Center parking lot with all councilors remaining in their own personal vehicles in an attempt to abide by the recommendations of the COVID-19 social distancing requirements.


Berry votes to allow change in employees’ retirement

Shown from left are Councilwoman Mary Sue Lollar, Councilman Calvin Madison, Councilman Troyce Townsel and Councilman Russell Madison along with Berry Mayor Jimmy Madison (right). Not shown, but present was Berry Town Clerk Marie McCluskey.

The Berry Town Council voted at its April 6 meeting to allow Tier II employees in the Town of Berry to change the way their benefits would be structured at retirement. Councilman Chris Rice was absent from the meeting, with the remainder of the council members present. The meeting was moved from Berry Town Hall to the Berry Civic Center due to the need for “social distancing” requested by the state health department during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Berry Town Council approves flood ordinance

Shown at the March 2 meeting of the Berry Town Council, from left: Berry Mayor Jimmy Madison, Councilwoman Mary Sue Lollar, Councilman Russell Madison, Councilman Troyce Townsel and Councilman Calvin Madison.

The Berry Town Council approved its flood ordinance update during its March 2 meeting. Chris Rice was absent from the meeting with all other council members present. Town Clerk Marie McClusky said that the town has to have the ordinance approved before the citizens of Berry can obtain flood insurance for their properties. McClusky added that Cedar Creek and North River are the two most flood prone areas within the town.


Glen Allen to participate in PALS cleanup

The Glen Allen Town Council held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 3 at at the town hall. Following standard opening procedures, Mayor Allen J. Dunavant addressed the short agenda for the meeting. He stated that the Alabama PALS (People Against a Littered State) Board of Directors has recently announced that the annual 2020 “Don’t Drop it on Alabama” Spring Cleanup would be held during the entire month of April for the first time ever.

Berry Council makes appointments, approves water sale

The Berry Town Council approved appointments to the Berry Park and Recreation Board, and also approved a proposed sale of water to the Oakman Water Board during its Feb. 3 meeting. Councilman Troyce Townsel was not present at the meeting. The Council approved a motion by Councilman Calvin Madison to accept the resignation of Jonathan Smith from the Berry Park and Recreation Board. After the council unanimously approved the resignation, Councilman Russell Madison made a motion to appoint Diane Dedeaux to fill the remainder of the term on the board.

Glen Allen votes to not raise salaries

Rick McCabe of McCabe and Associates, Inc. addressed the Glen Allen Town Council on Tuesday, Feb. 4 during the town’s regularly scheduled meeting. McCabe reviewed his findings from the annual audit of the town’s accounts for fiscal year 2019, informing the council that he had discovered no discrepancies nor had he experienced any significant difficulties in dealing with the town’s management in performing his audit.

Glen Allen hires water operators


During its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Glen Allen town council elected to hire two part-time employees for roles within the town’s water department. Justin Rainey was hired as the town’s water operator and Matt Madison was hired as maintenance man for the water system. Both men were in attendance for the council meeting and following a brief introduction by Mayor Allen J.

Berry Council keeps mayor, council salaries the same

Cameron Clark from the Alabama Department of Revenue is shown addressing the Berry Council.

The Berry Town Council decided at its Jan. 6 meeting to leave the salaries for the incoming 2020 council members and mayor at the same level as the current administration. No vote was taken nor required on the item, but the consensus of the council and mayor was to leave the salaries at the present level. The Berry mayor currently makes $700 per month and the council makes $100 per month.


Glen Allen considers hiring water department employees

The Glen Allen town council met on Tuesday Nov. 5 at the town hall. Councilman Robert Aldridge was not in attendance for the scheduled meeting. Following standard opening procedures, Mayor Allen J. Dunavant gave an update from the exploratory committee which had been formed during the September council meeting to address avenues for hiring a certified water operator (Grade II) for the water department. The committee was tasked to explore and consider options for replacing Water Operator John Wakefield, who had submitted his intentions of resigning from the position.