FCHS host ‘Community Partners Luncheon’

This is one of the graphic boards at the school that was paid for by the R.C. Cobb Foundation.

Fayette County High School hosted a “Community Partners Thanksgiving Luncheon” on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to thank business leaders, parents and the public for their support of activities at the school during the past year. Principal Jennifer Sanford thanked everyone for attending, telling them that without community support, many of the projects that the school is undertaking could not be accomplished.


Hubbertville School built on commitment and pride

Shown is a picture of the current Hubbertville School.

“Community” is a word often used to describe the area around Hubbertville School and the people in it. Yet to the individuals who have helped Hubbertville School grow throughout the years, community means much more. It was through the dedicated members of this community that the current Hubbertville School has its beginnings. The school is deeply rooted in its rich history, from the growth of the school to the tribulations it faced in its early years as the four previous schools came together to form the school that we know today.