Officers commended for bravery

Shown from left, front: Deputy Todd Key, Deputy Tanner Burleson, Police Lt. Michael Kelley, FPD Officer Landon Miller and Fayette Mayor Rod Northam. Back: Fayette Police Chief Danny Jenkins, Fayette Co. Sheriff Byron Yerby, Councilman Jerry Nichols, Councilman Tommy Williams, Councilwoman Virettia Whiteside and Councilman Eddy Campbell.

Four local law enforcement officers, Fayette Police Officer Landon Miller and Police Lieutenant Michael Kelley, along with Fayette County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Tanner Burleson and Todd Key, were commended for their heroic efforts during a recent apartment fire. During the Dec. 27, 2022 Fayette City Council meeting, Fayette Police Chief Danny Jenkins addressed the council and those in attendance concerning the incident.


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