Fayette School System prepares students for high-tech world

Shown are students at Fayette County High School working on the new Chromebooks during history class. Shown on the right is Noah Sapp. In the middle row, from front, are: Zack Ingle, Noah Scott, Lane Brock and Ariona Doss.

The Fayette County Board of Education recently completed a “Chromebook Initiative” that will hopefully make all Fayette County students a little more tech-savvy and better prepared as they leave high school. Mary Raines, curriculum and technology coordinator for the Fayette County School System, said the process of securing Chromebooks for the students began in 2015 and came to fruition in January of this year with the installation of the Chromebooks in all of the core classes (English/reading, math, science, social studies) for all students in grades four – twelve throughout the county.


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