City Council

Fayette approves tax abatements for Dal-Tile expansion

Shown social distancing at the June 9 Fayette City Council meeting are Fayette Mayor Ray Nelson (left) and Councilman Eddy Campbell.

The City of Fayette approved a sales and use tax abatement for Dal-Tile during its June 9 meeting. All council members were present for the meeting. The abatements were approved due to the company’s recently announced $2 million dollar addition and expansion of its Fayette facility. Last month, Dal-Tile announced that it is closing its Lewisport, Kent. facility, which makes a product similar to the tile produced at the Fayette plant.

Council approves design phase for airport apron

Kip Madison, airport manager for Richard Arthur Field in Fayette, is shown addressing the Fayette City Council during the May 12 council meeting concerning the condition of the airport apron. Also pictured is Natalie Hobbs, senior airport engineer and consultant.

The Fayette City Council unanimously approved a motion at its May 12 meeting to proceed with the design phase to ultimately resurface the airport apron at Richard Arthur Field. Councilman Jason Cowart was absent from the meeting, with all other council members in attendance. Natalie Hobbs, senior airport engineer with Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, told the council that the Airport Improvement Grant available this year for the project would be 100 percent funded due to the provisions of the recently passed Cares Act.

Council considers speed bumps

Shown at the April 14 meeting of the Fayette City Council practicing social distancing and wearing a protective face cover is Scott Gravlee. Gravlee attended the meeting to stream the session live on the internet.

The Fayette City Council discussed placing two speed bumps in residential areas of town during its April 14 meeting. One of the speed bumps would be located on 9th Street NW and another on the adjoining 2nd Avenue NW. All council members were in attendance for the meeting. Councilman Cedric Wilson said that residents in the area have petitioned for the speed bumps since there are several children residing in the area. Wilson said that two children were almost hit by vehicles a few weeks ago.

City Council discusses COVID-19 precautions

The Fayette City Council held a work session on March 31 to discuss the city’s financial stability and actions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. All council members were in attendance for the meeting. Prior to the council’s discussion of finances, an emergency situation was declared concerning one of the city’s pumps at the wastewater treatment facility. John Dill, manager of the wastewater treatment plant, told the council that one of the facility’s intermediate pumps had worn out and had to be replaced.

Council consents to termination of police officer

Fayette Fire Chief Shannon Taylor is shown addressing the Fayette City Council at its March 24 meeting.

The Fayette City Council voted four to one to consent to the termination of employment for Fayette Police Officer Jason Nalls during its Tuesday, March 24 meeting. All council members were present for the meeting. Fayette Mayor Ray Nelson said that based on an investigation by the Fayette Police Department and at the recommendation of Fayette Police Chief Danny Jenkins, he also recommended that the employment of Officer Nalls be terminated.

Council sets qualifying fees for municipal elections

Shown is the Fayette City Council at its March 10 meeting. From left: Councilmen Jerry Nichols, Cedric Wilson and Jason Cowart; Mayor Ray Nelson, Councilman Eddy Campbell; Councilwoman Linda McCraw; and City Clerk Dawn Clapp.

The Fayette City Council set the dates and qualifying fees for the upcoming municipal elections during its March 10 meeting. All council members were present for the meeting. Mayor Ray Nelson announced that qualifying for the municipal election will occur from July 7 - 21. The municipal election will take place on Aug. 25, with the runoff election, if necessary on Oct. 6. The new mayor and council members will take office on the first Monday in November, which is Nov. 2.


Council approves tax abatements for local industry

Jerry Fulmer, representing the local VFW Lodge, displays one of the 110 banners honoring Fayette County veterans who died in service to their country. The banners will be flown throughout Fayette on patriotic holidays.

The Fayette City Council voted at its Feb. 25 meeting to approve property tax and sales/use tax abatements for Showa Best Gloves due to the expansion of its current facility. Councilwoman Linda McCraw was absent from the meeting, with all other council members in attendance. Scott Robertson, plant manager of Showa Best Gloves, appeared before the council to request the abatements.


Council distributes appropriations to schools

The Fayette City Council delivered checks to the public schools within the city in the amount of $5,000 each, totaling $15,000. Shown from left, front: Matthew Lindsey, Fayette Elementary School; Ray Trull, Fayette Middle School; and Dr. Jeremy Madden, Fayette County High School. Back: Councilmen Jason Cowart, Jerry Nichols, Cedric Wilson, Eddy Campbell and Mayor Ray Nelson.

The Fayette City Council distributed $5,000 to each of the three public school within the city during its Feb. 11 meeting. Councilwoman Linda McCraw was absent with all other council members present. Representatives from Fayette Elementary School, Fayette Middle School and Fayette County High School each accepted a check from the council, totaling $15,000 to the three schools. The money was appropriated to the schools in this year’s budget, contingent on funds being available.


Council raises mayor’s salary, rejects Sunday alcohol sales referendum

Mike Emanuel, director of Restoration Springs, addresses the Fayette City Council during its Jan. 27 meeting.

The Fayette City Council, during its Jan. 27 meeting, voted three to three against an ordinance that would have allowed a referendum to permit Sunday alcohol sales within the city. Several citizens were in attendance at the meeting, with three citizens speaking in opposition to the proposed ordinance. Pastor Scott Davis from the Fayette First Baptist Church was the first citizen to speak in opposition to the ordinance.

Council to consider salary increase, Sunday alcohol vote

From left: Fayette Mayor Ray Nelson, Councilwoman Linda McCraw and Councilman Eddy Campbell listen as Councilman Jason Cowart makes a point during the city council’s work session on Jan. 7.

The Fayette City Council held a work session on Tuesday, Jan. 7 to discuss several issues prior to its next meeting. All council members and Mayor Ray Nelson attended the work session. Councilman Cedric Wilson started the work session by addressing the salaries to be paid the 2020 incoming council members and mayor. “In my opinion, the mayor should be paid more than the highest-paid employee in the city.” Wilson said. “I also believe the mayor deserves benefits and an annual cost-of-living adjustment.”