City Council

City Council sets time, place for Zoning Board meeting

Shown is the newly-seated Fayette City Council. From left: Councilman Jerry Nichols, Councilwoman Aliska Hughes-Monroe, Mayor Rod Northam, Councilman Tommy Williams, Councilman Eddy Campbell and Councilwoman Virettia Whiteside.

The Fayette City Council held its first full meeting as a new council on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Fayette City Hall. All members were present for the meeting. The meeting was opened with a prayer from guest Sean White. Will Ayers led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag. Councilman Eddy Campbell made a motion, that was seconded by Councilman Jerry Nichols, to reappoint Dawn Clapp as Fayette City Clerk. The motion was approved unanimously.


New City Council and Mayor take office

Fayette Mayor Rod Northam is shown taking the oath of office as his wife Deana Northam holds the Bible.

The new mayor and council members for the City of Fayette officially began their terms after taking their oaths of office on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, Scott Davis, pastor of Fayette First Baptist Church, led the attendees in prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by members of Scout Troop 45. Municipal Judge Steven Nolen administered the oaths, first to Rod Northam as mayor and then collectively to the city council members.


Citizen addresses council concerning mobile homes

Pictured with their framed resolutions honoring their council service are outgoing council members and mayor. From left: Mayor Ray Nelson, Councilwoman Linda McCraw and Councilman Jason Cowart. Not shown is outgoing Councilman Cedric Wilson.

Evelyn Howard addressed the Fayette City Council concerning mobile homes within the city limits during its Oct. 27 meeting. Councilman Cedric Wilson was absent from the meeting, with all other council members present. Howard said that there is a resident in her neighborhood who has expressed an intent to move a mobile home into the area. She said that the city ordinances do not allow a mobile home in her area as currently zoned.

Fayette City Council certifies Ward 1 election results

Shown is a portion of the crowd that attended the Oct. 13 Fayette City Council meeting.

The Fayette City Council certified the election runoff results in the council’s Ward 1 race and expressed its opposition to the local amendment that would add an additional three mils to the real property tax paid in the county at its Oct 13 meeting.

Porter contests Ward 1 council results, later files to dismiss

Scottie Carl Porter filed a motion in Fayette County Circuit Court on Oct. 8, seeking to nullify Virettia Whiteside’s election on Oct. 6 as the Ward 1 Fayette City Council member. Porter claimed in his complaint that Whiteside was not eligible for the Ward 1 seat due to “misconduct, fraud, or corruption,” and that her residency is not in Ward 1. He claimed that Whiteside’s proper address is in Ward 3, and that she owns a house located in that ward.

City Council postpones budget approval until October

Shown at the Sept. 22 meeting of the Fayette City Council, from left: Councilmen Jerry Nichols, Jason Cowart, Cedric Wilson and Eddy Campbell. Not pictured, but also present, were Mayor Ray Nelson and Councilwoman Linda McCraw.

The Fayette City Council announced at its Sept. 22 meeting that it is postponing its budget approval until the council’s first meeting in October. Councilman Eddy Campbell said that there were some “unforseen circumstances” that occurred that prevented the budget being ready for approval at the Sept. 22 meeting.


Fayette City Council discusses new wastewater dumping site

Pictured at the Sept. 8 Fayette City Council meeting are, from left: Councilman Jerry Nichols, Councilman Jason Cowart and Councilman Cedric Wilson. Also present for the meeting but not pictured were Councilman Eddy Campbell, Councilwoman Linda McCraw and Mayor Ray Nelson.

The Fayette City Council discussed the new designated dumping site for wastewater during its Sept. 8 city council meeting. All council members were present for the meeting. The council recently changed the sites allowed for wastewater dumping to a central site located in the northern portion of the city. According to John Dill, manager of the wastewater department, the site was chosen to reduce the harmful impact on the city’s wastewater pumps to a minimal amount.


Fayette City Council certifies election results

The Fayette City Council is shown at its Sept. 1 meeting that was called to certify the election. Shown from left: Councilman Cedric Wilson (sitting in chair at far left), Councilman Jerry Nichols, Councilman Jason Cowart, Mayor Ray Nelson, City Clerk Dawn Clapp, Councilwoman Linda McCraw and Councilman Eddy Campbell.

The Fayette City Council met in a special called meeting at noon on Tuesday Sept. 1 to add the legitimate provisional ballots cast during the Aug. 25 primary and to certify the election results. All council members and Mayor Ray Nelson were present for the meeting. There were 11 provisional ballots counted in the final results of the Fayette municipal election, and four provisional ballots cast were ruled ineligible to be counted. Sherry Settle represented the Fayette County Board of Registrars at the meeting.


Council approves new hangers for airport

Sam Sider (left), a student at UAB, has been serving an internship this summer with Fayette Mayor Ray Nelson (right) at the Fayette City Hall.

The Fayette City Council approved the building of new airport hangers during its Aug. 11 meeting. Councilwoman Linda McCraw was absent from the meeting. A proposal from Northwest Bama Builders was submitted to the council to build the hangers at a cost of $20,650. This was the lowest estimate received for the project. Airport manager Kip Madison said that there is a waiting list for hangers at the airport, and said that this appears to be a good time to build the additional hangers.

Fayette City Council holds special called meeting

The Fayette City Council held a special called meeting on Monday, Aug. 10 to appoint poll workers for the upcoming municipal election. Councilman Jason Cowart and Councilwoman Linda McCraw were absent from the meeting. The council had previously appointed poll workers at an earlier meeting, but replacement workers had to be selected to replace the ones that would no longer be serving. The poll workers approved for the Fayette municipal election are: Electronic Machine Coordinator, Billy Joe Howton; Chief Inspector, Barry Lowe; Inspector, Dottie Brasher; and Chief Clerk, Anita Morris.