Storms cause significant damage in county

Shown is a portion of the damage that occurred at the Fayette Country Club. Pictured is the damage caused by a tree falling into the main building. The roof on the bathrooms at the Country Club’s pool was also blown off and into the main building.

A fast-moving and somewhat unexpected severe thunderstorm caused considerable damage in Fayette County during the early morning hours of Monday, March 23. One of the hardest hit areas by the storm appeared to be the Covin - Belk area. There were numerous trees blown down or uprooted during the storm, and several buildings suffered structural damage. A portion of the roof on the Covin voting precinct was blown off of the building. An awning at M&M in Covin was also blown off and destroyed in the storm.

House damaged by high winds

Shown is a tree that fell on the home of Larry and Euline Sanford, located on Highway 159.

High winds at approximately 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 27 toppled a huge tree onto the residence of Larry and Euline Sanford, located at 6978 Highway 159 in Fayette. The Sanfords said that they were at home during the time the thunderstorm occurred. They said that they were in the other end of the house when they heard the rain begin. The Sanfords said they then heard a loud crash and discovered that the tree had fallen on the house.


Strong winds hit Fayette County

This enormous tree was completely uprooted by straight-line winds during the thunderstorm that passed through Fayette County on April 18. The tree demolished a 2017 Ford pick-up and caused damage to this house, owned by Ron Hannah and located on 2nd Ave. NW in Fayette.

A severe thunderstorm hit Fayette County in the late afternoon and early evening hours on Thursday, April 18, and the county suffered damage in numerous locations due to straight-line winds. Fayette County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Russ Taylor said that there were trees reported down throughout much of the county, with some structural damage. He said that a church in northeast Fayette County reported damage and several sheds were demolished during the storm.