Alabama offers collegiate stickers to boat owners

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The state of Alabama is now offering University of Alabama collegiate vessel stickers to boat owners.

The new vessel sticker became available in January, and proceeds from the purchases will be used to fund scholarships at UA.

“When our alumni and friends purchase UA car tags, motorcycle tags and vessel stickers, they enable the UA National Alumni Association to fulfill its mission of providing scholarship assistance to deserving students,” said Calvin Brown, director of alumni affairs and an associate vice president in the University’s division of Advancement.

“By purchasing a UA tag or vessel sticker, our supporters play a role in transforming young lives.”

Following years of success with UA car tags, the alumni association first looked to expand to motorcycle tags. On June 8, 2015, the UA Collegiate Tag Motorcycle Bill was passed, and the state started selling motorcycle tags in early 2016.

According to David Wilson, director of alumni funds with the UA National Alumni Association, UA car and motorcycle tags will raise around $5 million in scholarship assistance this year.

“For many years, UA supporters have displayed the tag with pride on the back of their cars and motorcycles,” said Wilson. “Now they get to transfer that pride to our lakes and oceans.”

The vessel sticker will cost $50 above the normal registration charges and is available for purchase at county Department of Revenue offices.