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Junkin overturns building permit

In a ruling issued on Wednesday, March 31 by 24th Judicial Circuit Judge Sam Junkin, a building permit issued by Fayette Fire Chief and Building Inspector Shannon Taylor was overturned. The case in question involved the placement of a manufactured home on a lot that was not zoned for manufactured homes. A variance is usually sought by the party seeking the permit, and in some cases, if the neighbors agree, the variance is allowed. In this instance, the permit was issued before a variance was sought.

Zoning Board of Adjustments upholds building permit

Ericka Hollis is shown making an impassioned plea to the Zoning Board. Pictured in the background are Board Chairman Bruce Perry (left) and Zoning Board member Scott Walker.

The Fayette Zoning Board of Adjustments failed to overturn a building permit decision made by Fayette Building Inspection Officer Shannon Taylor that will allow a manufactured home to be permanently affixed in a R-2 neighborhood during the board’s Nov. 19 meeting. The Zoning Board of Adjustments consists of five members: Bruce Perry (chairman), Larry Pinkerton, Scott Walker, Bobby Avant and Michael Newman.