New marriage law begins August 29

Shown is a sample copy of the new “Alabama Marriage Certificate” that replaces the marriage license in Alabama. The new certificate becomes effective Aug. 29.

Beginning Aug. 29, the State of Alabama will no longer issue marriage licenses.
A law passed this year by the Alabama legislature abolishes the practice of issuing marriage licenses in Alabama, and replaces the licenses with a “marriage certificate.” The certificate requires the parties wishing to be married to fill out a form, stating that they agree to marry and meet the legal requirements for marriage.


Alabama eliminating marriage licenses this fall

Beginning this fall, Alabama will no longer issue  licenses to individuals wishing to enter into marriage. A bill was passed, signed and enacted on May 31 that will abolish the issuing of marriage licenses in Alabama. The law is scheduled to take place on approximately Aug. 29, and will require the couple wishing to marry to sign an affidavit affirming that they meet the legal requirements to marry.